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Services of ‘Smile’ dental clinic

Specialists of our clinic work in the following areas:

  • General dentistry  deals with primary diagnosis to identify the problem accurately and quickly. Early diagnosis and early organized treatment help to keep the patient's teeth!
  • Aesthetic dentistry helps to correct minor tooth defects. It can be done with veneered constructions, lumineers, dental crowns. Also, the restoration can be conducted.
  • Dental surgery is a set of measures that prevent tooth from removal: hemisection of the tooth, cystotomy and root apex resection. It also deals with teeth removal that can not be cured.
  • Ortopedics deals with dentition entirety defects. It includes the manufacture of dental prosthesis, first of all, to restore chewing function, and, secondly, to aesthetically restore oral cavity. In our clinic we make dental prosthetics and microprosthetics.
  • Orthodontology is dealing with occlusion correction in adults using braces or aligners and helps to prevent serious consequences development.
  • Periodontology deals with gingival diseases treatment. The gingival diseases are usually caused by inflammatory process. In that case tissues that surround tooth become crumbly and starts to bleed, stop fixing tooth properly. That can lead to necessity of tooth removal.
  • Pediatric dentistry. In our clinic everything is important: from the doctor’s qualification to the atmosphere in the dental office. Therefore, we carefully recruit specialists who can not only efficiently treat teeth, but also are great with children.

Doctors of the dental clinic

The doctors' schedule is designed in a way that patients can avoid long queues and have an opportunity to start the treatment the day they came (in case of acute toothache). In the case of pre-arranged treatment, a patient can make an appointment by phone or by filling out a special form on our website. The website also provides clinic schedule which can be found in the "Contacts" section.


Our services are available to a wide range of patients. Prices for implantation, treatment, teeth removal, dental prosthetics and other services are specified in a specific section of the website. There will not be any additional charges  you are not aware of. You can easily calculate the cost of necessary treatment including all procedures and manipulations.