Professional oral hygiene 2500 rb.
Professional doctors, up-to-date equipmqnt, complex treatment approach.
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Pediatric dentistry
Pediatric dentistry is dealing with the oral diseases in children from birth to adolescence.
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We are glad to see you in our clinic!
When you come to our clinic, you immediately feel homelike atmosphere. Our professional and delicate staff care about patients’ comfort.
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Full list of dental services
Dental care is carried out using modern equipment and last-generation imported materials.
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Services of our clinic

We care about your health and well-being today, tomorrow and always.

Dental care
Effective methods of dental diagnosis. Dental care in one day.

Teeth removal using piezoscalpel. Teeth removal in children.

Prosthetic dentistry
Full ceramic dental crowns. Implant-supported dental crowns and spring cantilever bridges. Veneered metal crowns.

Parodentium diagnostics using Florida Probe system. Treatment using Vector Paro device. PRP therapy. Teeth-splinting.

Hygiene and dental diseases prevention
Denticure (ultrasound teeth cleaning + Air-Flow). Deep preventive fluoridating.

Dental implantation
Instant (single-step) implantation. Implantation with lifetime guarantee.

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Our specialists

Professional team with long-term experience

About our clinic

For years our clinic has been helping the citizens and city visitors to obtain a beautiful smile. During these years we achieved great results and earned an excellent reputation. We can proudly claim that our clinic is the best dental clinic in the city!

  • Up-to-date medical equipment only.
  • Prosthetic dentistry using veneered metal crowns in three days.
  • Dental care and prosthetic dentistry under anaesthesia.
  • Diagnosis using radiovisiographic method.
  • Ultrasonic scaling.
  • We use modern medical tools.

You will feel calm and comfortable the moment you step in our clinic. Friendly receptionist will greet you, offer you a cup of tea or coffee and help pass the time in the queue.

10% discount for all types of general dentistry

General dentistry is dealing with treatment and prevention of various dental diseases. If oral hygiene is not performed correctly, or not properly, high risk of dental caries development occurs.


How to whiten teeth without damaging dental enamel and gingivae?
There are several systems of teeth whitening (Amazing White, Zoom), which do not damage dental enamel. As for gingival protection, doctor puts on gingivae special protective masks.
How to strengthen teeth and keep them healthy for a lifetime?
Having daily hygiene (brushing your teeth twice a day) will help you keep your teeth healthy. Also having useful habits, drinking water enough and regular dental visits will improve your health.
Why child grates teeth, and how to deal with it?
Bruxism can be caused by several completely different causes. First, it can be helminthic invasion; secondly, nervous overexertion; and thirdly, the pathology of the occlusion. In the latter case, you should consult an orthodontist.
How braces are set up? How the application and wearing of different types braces vary?
The installation process is the same for all braces, they are fixed to the tooth with a special material ( so-called "glue"). Undoubtedly, non-ligature braces are more comfortable to be worn, as they are smaller, round, no ligatures.
What to do if a deciduous tooth causes a child intense pain? How to relieve the pain?
You should make an appointment with a doctor immediately . Depending on the situation, anesthesia will be performed first, and then the doctor will prescribe the treatment.
I suffer from intense toothache. How to relieve the pain? Can I do something to manage it up to my appointment day?
When having a toothache, you should definitely make an appointment with a doctor. To reduce pain, you can take painkillers.

Dental clinic «Smile». We care about your health and well-being today, tomorrow and always.

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